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Vacation's Over... Welcome 2010

Well, the Winter break is over, we are back in Vancouver and ready to another term in VFS. This time, with bigger and more exciting projects ahead of us. This Term promises huge challenges, personal and professional growth, as well as learning new techniques for both technical and professional abilities.

I know I still have some work from the past term to upload, but I'll be keeping the blog up to date as fast as I can and as long as you keep clicking, I'll be posting. I still have to upload a Case study which I'm working on and a motion sync project that my team and I are very proud of but still needs some tweaking to get to be fully polished.

I hope you all had some great vacations, enjoyed some time with your families during the Holidays and you are ready for this new year.

So let's make this year worth it and as always, I hope you enjoy...

VFSEzra Istiroti