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Today was my first meeting with my mentor for the final project here at VFS. And to be honest, I never expected this. As I mentioned on my last post, I'm working on the new image for a school, and I thought I was doing fine, I was happy with the outcomes and I was getting very excited about it. But I knew there was something missing about this whole new image, and it's what's missing for that brand.

I did some more research about my mentor, and even I already knew him, today, I was totally amazed by his skills; he basically said he didn't like what I had so far and why the new image I was working on wouldn't work. And I agreed with him, I knew there was something missing and after some brainstorming we got a completely new idea on a very different path from my original one.

Even if my final project is not about branding, it relies on this new brand image entirely. I pretend to create a TV commercial as well as the whole image package for their video content, both TV and web. I know I've been rambling about something missing about the image and all that, but you'll get the idea on my next post... when you'll have to help me with this project to.

Also this video showed me a lot today and it's part of what we are trying to achieve. It's a bit long, but it's totally worth it.

For now that's all I can say, and thanks to Sergio Toporek who helped me out with this amazing new concept.

I hope you'll Enjoy...

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