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Keeping the work flowing.

Waiting time is always difficult. And not having anything to do while you wait is even worst.As you may know, I'm waiting on my work permit here in Canada, as I have a job offer from a great company called Goldtooth Creative. I've been going to their office to get used to the workflow and to know some of the guys which I'll be working with. Some great designers by the way and an amazing team.

To keep my mind busy I've been working on some side projects of mine as well as with two new branding jobs creating their new image, logo and stationery.

Also I've been doing some exercises to keep some skills sharp and even learning new tools. I've been playing with camera tracking, both on 2D and 3D tracking, playing with some new dynamics in 3D software and refining skills on my most trusted ones.

I have two pieces in which I've been playing with compositing but haven't been able to finish them as I got the branding projects, lucky for me as I get to work with clients and for a more specific target.

If I keep my current schedule for this projects I'll be able to finish both branding projects and finally get my second compositing piece done by the end of this week.

I'll be posting them rather soon, and if possible, I'll post some images on the branding projects too.

As always. I hope you enjoy...

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