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Two weeks in...

Well, it's been a while now and after waiting for almost 8 months to get our papers, we finally got notice on May 19th that we were approved to get our work permits. This is my third week working at Goldtooth Creative, a company that's proven beyond any of my expectations. I got the job offer right after I finished the Digital Design program at Vancouver Film School but due to the whole process I wasn't able to start until this month. Right now I'm working on the trailer for an upcoming video game, which I never imagined myself doing anything like this.

During these past months we were able to practice and develop something that most people don't even think about it, Patience. With today's lifestyle everything has to be done as quickly as possible, and we never sit down and think about what is around us, what will we do if we don't have anything else to do but wait and how to cherish and use this idle time to our benefits. This was proven a more difficult task that it seems, but in the end, things worked out to our benefit; even in the darkest times, when we thought of dropping everything and just walk away form what at some point, felt as a terrible burden.

As we start our works and the everyday normal life, we are faced with new challenges, but with a new perspective in the way we tackle this down as we move along on this new and exciting path.

I'm also working on some side projects which I'll be posting more often about them too...

So for now, as always.

I hope you Enjoy...

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