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The importance of team dynamics and communication.

As times moves forward after finishing my Master’s Degree and I find myself more immersed in academia, I find it more rewarding with every class I teach. And this passion is what’s driving me forward with a new challenge.

A couple of weeks ago I finished building two new courses from the ground up. These courses are a combination of all my skills and experiences and are intended for any participant to better understand the importance of crafting a message and the best medium to use; more importantly in today’s digital era which seems to be more ephemeral than ever.

By looking back at the way we used to communicate and how messages were created we can learn and adapt to improve our techniques and create a more compelling and impactful message that will resonate with our audience.

With the same intent of improving communications and the need to find a clever solution, I’ve prepared a workshop which is intended to help any working team to improve the dynamics that run the team as well as helping them with interpersonal communications.

With a plethora of companies and teams working in many projects - sometimes in parallel - we find ourselves overwhelmed by the amount of information and messages that come through our inboxes every day. The sheer amount of them can be at times more than we can handle, and our ability to multitask can be impaired at some point which can create gaps in communication that can lead to a number of issues and complications that should be easy to avoid.

The way we communicate is as important as the information that we are tying to convey with each message, whether it’s a simple email or being in charge of a meeting; and creating a communication strategy for the team is essential.

The Agile Methodologies for project management were created to deal with problems that have a higher rate of uncertainty which is not suitable for other types of work that have a different workflow. That being said, there are some tools based in these methodologies that could be applied to any industry, helping teams to better communicate between its members and avoiding these issues.

This is the basis for the Team Dynamics and Communication Workshop. By combining tools from the Scrum framework, communication science and my experience in media production, we can create a strategy for any team to improve the way they communicate and in the end, increase efficiency by eliminating - as much as possible - some of the most common issues that can arise from a poor communication strategy, or even worst, the lack of it.

What are your thoughts on these issues? Have you experienced problems in the workspace related to poor communication?

If you want, you can also fill this short survey by following this link.

Team Communication in the Workspace


Let’s open the discussion about these issues and let’s find a better workflow for your teams.

Ezra Istiroti