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About Projects, Investments and Goals...

So term 3 started at VFS and we finally got to talk about business, project management and multiple project scoring. Although we've had project management courses for the last four months, this term's course is more focused on how the "real world" works apparently. We've all been managing different projects and assignments during these last two terms, different courses, in-class assignments, deliverables and major projects. I have no administration background what so ever, so this last class we did something pretty interesting for me. How to decide what project is best for us based on a more objective way and not only on wether we like it or not. Probably anyone with a solid background on finance or BA reading this would say that it's an obvious  thing to do, set goals, analyze what the outcome is going to be, what are the major objectives we are going to accomplish from the project and most important, the risk for it.

We all know that we want to get better at some point, that we all invest time and money for certain goals on certain projects, but we've been asked from our project management teacher to write down our goals not only for this term but for the whole year at VFS and, as I said, we all want to get better at what we do, but how to measure this; how to put these thoughts on words and more important, how to achieve them more objectively.

I started as a sound designer, then moved into a film editor and finally started working with Adobe's After Effects to increase the quality of my work. All these techniques I've learned helped me on my previous work, getting better with time, delivering more compelling work for my clients and getting recommended for other projects, but this was not enough for me.I've been looking for different programs, careers and schools to offer both a professional and personal growth.I know I don't want to be just a software power user, but a professional designer.

So Term three started and having in mind that I want to become better I started writing down what I want to accomplish by the end of this term and more important, the end of this year. I want to be able to deliver not only industry level standard projects, but high end quality projects; be able to extend my network and have a good, known name in the industry. Be the one to call when a client needs a job done. Be a leader in my field and be able to get things done as well as to be the project manager that would lead a team to deliver the best project at any given moment.

I know these goals are probably hard to get, but as in any investment that we do, the more we invest in something, the better results we get from that and as the VFS tagline says, Results Matter...

Hoping not only to achieve my goals but also go over them and leave them way behind as I keep getting better and growing in every aspect of my life. I hope you all have high goals and be able to achieve them.

And as always... I hope you Enjoy.

VFSEzra Istiroti