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A peak into my process and work in progress

Some bumps on the road, with great outcomes.

Ok... It's been a while sience my last post and I know I have to keep updating, so I'll share some of my process with you. Term three at VFS, using some words from a staff member, the Killer Term, and in many levels it is.

We have two major projects we are working on, Branding and Information Design, which I'll get into the details of those too in a minute; on top of these two major projects we have all sorts of assignments such as 2D graphics, 3D graphics, Motion Design, Flash Development and Print.

For the most part of it, we have minor assignments that will improve our skills, but for the print course, we have to create a unique poster about a concert, in which I'm on the concept creation part.

I know branding is an extremly powerful tool, and we have an incredible opportunity, to create a Brand practically from scratch. At this time we just came up with our strategy and how to position it on the market. This is not only one of the major assignments at VFS, but a very powerful tool to have in our portfolio and our own set of tools.

The Information Design course is probably the most intense one; we were given a script to work with, and we got to choose if we wanted to do the final delivery as a Printed Info graphic, an Interactive or a Motion piece, and wether we want to work solo or in teams. I decided to work on a team with three of my friends who are amazing designers, and I'm sure we can all learn a lot from each other during this process.

So far, we've decided on the style, theme and tone for the project, we have our storyboards and some look frames, as well as the voice over for the script. Which with some help from the head of department at VFS and our ID teacher, we were able to get an amazing person to do the voice over.

I'll try to keep posting on this subject as we move forward so you can have a sneak peek of our work.

And last but not least, for the flash assignments we've been working by pulling information from an XML and with a platform called World Construction Kit; again, I'm no expert on programing or Action Script, so here are some working SWF files on things we've been doing with this incredible tool. You can click on the links below to see the files.

XML Driven GameECO FileBallons File

As far as this Term goes, the workload is very intense and time consuming, but the outcomes are coming really well, with some great learning, new abilities and tools on our design toolbox.

Again, I'll keep posting some work, and as always. I hope you Enjoy...

VFSEzra Istiroti