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Keep Walking... Always keep walking

It's been a while since I saw this video but I've never watched it. The brand itself is a very inspiring for me, not only because I'm a Whiskey enthusiast but also it's tag line is an amazing and inspiring line. There are many songs and popular sayings about this subject, my favorite one is  "If you fall seven times, you get up eight" and there is a song that says "I fall down and get up, fall down and get up, fall down, get up. I won't ever stop walking, always with my head up high" I know it's kind of repetitive but t's a very powerful lyric.

I think Johnnie Walker's tagline "Keep Walking" is the best representation and the best and most simple way to describe this feeling.

It's a good mantra to keep, to follow, and always looking forward to keep learning, keep living and enjoying new experiences as we keep walking the earth with our own feet.

Here is the link to the video. As always. I hope you Enjoy

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