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Some thoughts on time and places...

Well, Term 3 went flying by and yet felt like it was the longest one here at VFS. Right now we are starting term 4 and I had no time to update the blog at all, so here are some of the work I've done on the last term.

We had a 2D graphics course where we mimicked some styles such as grunge, minimalist and abstract designs, and even the brushed metal look that we've all seen in different logos. Here is an image from the Abstract exercise we created.

Also, on the 3D course we started working on Cinema 4D, although I had some little (and really, I mean very little) experience with the software, I enjoyed it a lot, and while playing with materials and lights, this is one of my favorite pieces for the last term, I like the materials and reflections, but the spoon is not as good as I thought it would be. I know, and hope, that this term will bring even better results.

As for the Information design project, here is a single image. I'm going to write a whole post for this one alone.

I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but I'll keep updating more often than not.

As always. I hope you Enjoy...

VFSEzra Istiroti