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Term 5... Final Day. Final term

Yesterday we had our last day of Term 5... and things start to get scary now. We have so much stuff to do and so little time. We have two major projects now, our final project, which we have all of term 5 and the first two weeks into term 6 for production and delivery, and one School wide project with a code name of SpaceSquid; I know, it sounds strange, but hey, the name was not my idea. Project SpaceSquid is to create an interactive magazine for mobile devices, such as the iPad or the HP Tablet, other decision that is not ours to make. This project involves several VFS departments such as Sound Design, VFS and 3D, Makeup, Digital Design and EBM which are the head of this whole thing. For everyone in the school this project was optional to take, and in two flavors, either as a final project or just as a side project, which is my case. I have to create the transitions between the interactions on the final product. So far, we've worked with some really great talent from different specialties, we have some great UI designer, Graphic designers and amazing Programers.

As for my final, I decided to go with my own idea. I want to create a 30 seconds TV commercial for the new image I created on term 4, all of this, to my "Client" which is a NYC Based performing arts academy.

This project involves a different approach to a brand identity. it has always been the idea that the brand should flow from top to bottom on the organization, but after talking with my mentor, Sergio Toporek, he pointed out a brand identity created by the great Stefan Sagmeister for Portugal's "Casa Da Musica". This brand is a dynamic brand, always changing and evolving, while keeping it's foundation; we decided to do the same concept, applied to this specific project.

We had a lot of people helping us with this new idea, with the creation of several pieces that would be part of this brand. Here you can see some images from that day, which I thank all of that were there for their help and cooperation.

Right now I'm far advanced with the production of the TV Spot, and I'll be posting some images from the shooting, the motion tests and final comps... and I hope you can understand my process ad I'll try to share it with you.

Well, I'll keep you posted as I move along the project. And I'll do it more often as with all that's been happening in both my personal and "professional" life... I've been kind of away from this.

As always, I hope you enjoy...

VFSEzra Istiroti