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A while ago, back in term 3 we created a video info graphic called "Terms & Conditions" which we started promoting it everywhere we could. It was the winner of the VFS impact awards on the Public Enlightenment category and it is now on contesting for the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. This info graphic is about Digital Rights Management and was featured on Michael Geist's blog, one of the greatest names in Canada on this subject. This little piece, created with a great team and support from the school staff is now winner of the Applied Arts Magazine Student Award and it's featured on the AETuts+ page, in which also feature two other videos of mine, "Mrs. Eaves" and "Messing with Typo"

Here's the link to the AETuts page, and here are all three pieces for you to watch them again.

As always... I hope you Enjoy.

Terms & Conditions from Ezra Istiroti on Vimeo.

Mrs. Eaves from Ezra Istiroti on Vimeo.

Messing With Typo from Ezra Istiroti on Vimeo.

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