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A peak into my process and work in progress

The process of a project.

As you may know, my project started on term 4 and now we are about to start term 6 here at VFS. Our last term. My project is a student theoretical rebrand for a NYC based performing arts school. Their brand, as in my humble opinion, lacks the movement, the joy and passion that the arts are able to transmit. They are one of the greatest names in performing arts and I think that their Image, very sober and classical, could use a little more of movement so it can carry their mission and message to the new generations. I've almost finished my style guide for the new image brand and their "new" logo and now I'm on the production side of the TV Commercial.

Right now I'm on the postproduction of the video, as well as the sound design, creating the music wising different loops and special effects to enhance the experience.

Here are some images of my process in two of the main softwares I'm using, Adobe's After Effects and Apple's Logic Studio Pro.

Here is the After Effects screen capture image.

This image shows my composition on Adobe's AE, in which because of the nature of the sequences, effects I'm using and the result I'm looking for I have to edit everything using two different timelines, and two different comp windows.

Here are the Logic screen capture Images.

This image shows some of the track layers and mixer that I'm using in Apple's Logic. This is version six of the sound design for this project, I've been playing for almost 30 or 35 hours on the sound, and I still need to get the extra mile to get it where I want it to be.

As always... I hope you Enjoy.