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The Final Steps...

This is it. This is our final step here at VFS, our final project is done and now it's time to create our own brand, our image and portfolio so we can get out there and start working.

If you've been following me up to this point, you know all that has been put on this project. Over 330 hours of research, work and effort were put on the creation of this spot.

My idea was to create a T.V. Spot for a very well know performing arts school based in NYC. I can't use their name in any publication I make, but they were really helpful while giving me their permission for using their name for any document printed at the school.

This theoretical rebrand for them gave me the ability to explore more on branding and motion design. Right now I'm just finishing up some details to be able to publish my case study here on the blog, as well as to show them what I've created.

These videos are the ones I delivered as my final project. I did three different variations to the main black and white version to show how the brand guide would apply to this same medium. All of the videos where created in both 24 and 60 frames per second and delivered in both compressions ready to be broadcasted in either T.V. or web based broadcast.

On my next post you'll be able to see both my case study for this project, as well as the new videos with the final adjustments. Again, as I can't publish their name so there won't be any confusion about this being a reel rebrand for them, I need to make the necessary adjustments to my documents.

For now, this is what I created.

As always, I hope you Enjoy...

Black and White

Project J - Main Version Black&White from Ezra Istiroti on Vimeo.

Paper and Purple

Project J Paper&Purple from Ezra Istiroti on Vimeo.

Silver and Blue

Project J Silver&Blue from Ezra Istiroti on Vimeo.

Red and Green

Project J Red&Green from Ezra Istiroti on Vimeo.

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